H9 Water









We are sad to announce that we will no longer be in business.  The land lord has put the property up for sale. Even if we pay our lease for the 2016 season he will not honor our lease or guarantee us the 2016 season, so we have no choice but to close our business We want to thank all of you that have hunted with us in the past and we do wish we could of had those that have been contacting us for the 2016 season, up at this beautiful place.

Many things have changed.  We, along with our son TJ, are now living near Checotah, OK.  Purchased some land and running a cow/calf operation.  WE  are looking to do hog hunts this fall. So keep us in mind when that time comes and give us a call at 970-270-9538 for more information.  

What we are most excited about is the new business that we got into on the ground floor.  Would you believe it, but it is water.  Not just your ordinary water, but HYDROGEN-RICH, Structured Water.  It is the best tasting, the best for you water on the market.  This water is called H9, it is living water, it is more of a food, then water for it nutritional values. You can find out more about this healthy water on our website: H9water.com/keithsiebert. Their is a great video to watch about the water on the website.